The SWB Elite Foal Auction Dressage 2022 offer top-quality foals with bright futures as ambassadors in equestrian sport. The 2022 SWB Elite Foal Action will be presented in a hybrid format during the SWB Equestrian Weeks. The auction for the dressage foals will be on Friday, September 30 and bids can be placed both online via ClipMyHorse.TV and on-site in Flyinge where the foals will also be presented LIVE.

The SWB Elite Foal Auction is taking place for the fifteenth consecutive year this year.
– I would say that we have a very strong collection of SWB foals this year, says Andreas Jönsson who is part of the selection team.

– We always aim to present our customers with foals of superb quality, that are prospects of becoming ambassadors in the sport and a testament to our solid Swedish breeding. The selection committee knows our Swedish mare lines exceptionally well and always pinpoint foals of talent, generating international interest, says Helén Uddefors, CEO of SWB.

Watch the full 2022 SWB Elite Foal Auction collection here
Read the 2022 SWB Elite Foal Auction catalogue here

Supersticious (SWB) filly, by Springbank II VH, out of Gracious – Grand Galaxy Win. Breeder: Ulrika Jacobs

Be Obsessed VH (SWB) colt, by Be Sure, out of Obsession VH (31) – Oban VH (SWB). Breeder: Västra Hoby Stuteri AB

Amazing M (SWB) filly, by Fortnite, out of Destiny – Desperados. Breeder: Maria Åsebrandt

Bille (SWB)  colt, by Suarez, out of E. Weserperle II – Jazz. Breeder: Nötesjö Farm (Charlotte Rosengren)

Chanel (SWB) filly, by Lord Europe, out of Icona Pop – Revolution. Breeder: Marie Knutsson

Eccentric CML (SWB) colt, by Glamourdale, out of Tilia CML  – Totilas. Breeder: CML Dressyr

Forsete LVST (SWB) colt, by Benefit, out of Lillith – Vincent Maranello. Breeder: Anette Andersson

Kanelia HPK (SWB) filly, by Kane, out of Stilla – Blue Hors St. Schufro. Breeder: Rydberg HPK Sporthorses

Kenos af Ekeby (SWB) colt, by Knock-Out, out of Jellybean for U – Floricello. Breeder: Ekeby stuteri HB

Radar (SWB) colt, by Revolution, out of Nina la Belle – De Noir. Breeder: Gunilla Håkansson

Miss Belice EQ (SWB) filly, by Be Sure, out of Miss Dancer (SWB) – Flash Dancer I.M. (SWB) Breeder: Equuity AB/Johanna Moberg

Rolex (SWB) colt, by Rockabye S, out of Grandina TH (F.2) (SWB) – Grafenstolz. Breeder: Lena Evaldsson

Ikaros (SWB) colt, by Iron, out of Ziz Neytiri – Floricello. Breeder: Christina Fredriksson

BankSci (SWB) filly, by Springbank II VH, out of Scientia (36) – Tailormade Temptation. Breeder: Cathrine Gustafsson

Freequent (SWB) colt, by Freetown, out of Quanteira – Quaterback. Breeder: Anna Eriksson

Soqrateous (SWB) colt, by So Perfect, out of Jeanious – Johnson. Breeder: Ulrica Jacobs

Super-Nosa BD (SWB) filly, by Jovian, out of New-Nosa – Expression. Breeder: Bosson i Lund AB

Total Perfect (SWB) colt, by Totilas, out of Fazinera – Fürst Romancier. Breeder: Jan Andersson

Bijou (SWB) colt, by Be Sure, out of Tiara – Totilas. Breeder: Maria Hedvall

BE Florida (SWB) filly, by Franklin, out of Alice (71) (SWB) – Dalwhinnie (SWB). Breeder: Eva o Bo Pettersson

BLS Rocker af Sol (SWB) colt, by Rockabye S out of HeideTänzerin af JBP (SWB) – Ampere. Breeder: By Lama AB

De Janeiro (SWB) colt, by Jameson RS2, out of Darjeelingh (F. 2) (SWB) – Flemmingh. Breeder: Sophie Junebro

Sancerre II VH (SWB) filly, by Springbank II VH, out of Miss Applebee VH – Morricone. Breeder: Västra Hoby Stuteri AB

Spexz WCB (SWB) colt, by Sir Donnerhall I out of Famouz WCB – Fürst Jazz. Breeder: West Coast Breeding

Be Mine (SWB) colt, by Be Sure, out of Enya YL (SWB) – El Capone. Breeder: Polytop AB/Lucas Wickström

Vigeur (SWB) colt, by My Vitality, out of Ricciella – Richfield. Breeder: Christina Wessel

Semillon VH (SWB) filly, by So Perfect u. Fürstin VH (31) – Fürstenball. Breeder: Västra Hoby Stuteri AB

Wilarez (SWB) colt, by Suarez, out of Wilda – Fürst Wilhelm. Breeder: Lars-Erik Svensson

To Be Glamour GJ (SWB) colt, by Glamourdale, out of Flying Star – Gribaldi. Breeder: GJ Dressage Education AB/Gustaf Johansson