SWB Equestrian Weeks with Breeders Trophy

The Swedish Warmblood is gaining ground and behind the great success is all the talented swedish breeders. More and more riders worldwide turn to Sweden in finding a top contender for international success. Horses like Bianca (SWB) ridden by Steve Guerdat (Switzerland), Ohlala (SWB) ridden by Lauren Hough (USA), Catch Me Not S (SWB) ridden by Peder Fredricson (Sweden), and Deja (SWB) ridden by Patrik Kittel just to name a few. During SWB Equestrian Weeks, the very best Swedish youngsters will meet and compete for the coveted Breeders Trophy award in dressage, jumping and eventing. 

SWB’s Elitefoal Auction is upgraded to Elite Auction and it now offers two online auctions, one dressage- and one jumping auction. At the auctions, foals and young horses of absolute top quality will be sold. 

Dates SWB Equestrian Weeks 2020:
Breeders Trophy – Eventing September 11 – 13 at Strömsholm  
Breeders Trophy – Dressage September 23 – 27 at Flyinge
Breeders Trophy – Jumping September 30 – October 4 at Flyinge


General information


Preliminary schedule

Preliminary schedule – dressage week

Wednesday september 23 

4-y-o, finalomgång 1, grupp II

Torsdag 23 september
4-y-o, finalomgång 1, grupp III
5-y-or finalomgång,1 grupp I

Fredag 25 september
5-åringar finalomgång 1, grupp II
6-åringar finalomgång 1
7-åringar finalomgång 1

Lördag 26 september
3-åringar slutfinal & Rikssto
Lövsta U25
Lövsta Unga Grand Prix
4-åringar slutfinal med testridning

Söndag 27 september
Lövsta U25
Lövsta Unga Grand Prix
6-åringar slutfinal
7åringar slutfinal
5-åringar slutfinal

Preliminärt dagsprogram – hoppveckan
Onsdag 30 september
4-åringar, finalomgång 1

Torsdag 1 oktober
4-åringar, finalomgång 1 fortsättning
5-åringar, finalomgång 1

Fredag 2 oktober
6-åringar, finalomgång 1
5-åringar, finalomgång 2
7-åringar, finalomgång 1

Lördag 3 oktober
3-åringar löshoppningsfinal & Rikssto
6-åringar, finalomgång 2
5-åringar slutfinal med testridning

Söndag 4 oktober
7-åringar Consulation
7-åringar slutfinal
4-åringar slutfinal
6-åringar slutfinal



If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us!

+46 46 646 50


Mr Vain GJ (1324) (SWB), winner of the 5-year jumping 2018. Photo: Roland Thunholm