SWB Equestrian Weeks with Breeders Trophy

SWB-bred horses are sought after all over the world and there are many good reasons for that! Bred for performance, raised for longevity and soundness the Swedish Warmblood is a true testament for the modern sport horse. It is no surprise that Steve Guerdat or Peder Fredricson have taken some of their biggest victories with SWB horses such as Albführen’s Bianca, Albführen’s Maddox, Hansson WL and Catch Me Not S. 

During SWB Equestrian Weeks, the very best Swedish youngsters will meet and compete for the coveted Breeders Trophy award in dressage, jumping and eventing. It’s main purpose is to arrange the Swedish Young Horse Championships; Breeders Trophy. Breeders of SWB horses pay a Breeders Trophy fee att registration, creating a fund that ultimately is paid out as prize money at the Young Horse Championships in dressage, junping and three day eventing several years later, when horses are four to six years of age. Breeders Trophy is held during the fall, a prestigious event for any breeder, owner and rider. Many successful horses, both on a national and international level have started their career competing at the event. The mission of Breeders Trophy is to first and foremost reward, stimulate and encourage breeders of Swedish Warmbloods, to serve as a market place for SWB horses and last but not least, Breeders Trophy is the venue where future elite horses can be found.

SWB’s Elite Foal Auction offers two hybrid auctions held during SWB Equestrian Weeks, one dressage- and one jumping auction. At the auctions, hand-picked foals of absolute top quality bred for success will be sold.

Dates for SWB Equestrian Weeks with Breeders Trophy 2022:
Breeders Trophy – Dressage September 27 – October 2 at Flyinge
Breeders Trophy – Jumping October 5 – 9 at Flyinge
Breeders Trophy – Eventing October 14-16 at Gärds, Kristianstad

General information


Preliminary schedule

Dressage week:

Tuesday September 27
SWB Prospects for 5-y-o
SWB Prospects for 6-y-o

Wednesday September 28
Breeders Trophy 6-y-o, Round I
SWB Championship 3-y-o
SWB Prospects 5-y-o

Thursday September 29
Breeders Trophy 6-y-o, Consolation
Breeders Trophy, 5-y-o, round I
Breeders Trophy, 4-y-o, round I
SWB Prospects 6-y-o

Friday September 30
Breeders Trophy, 5-y-o, Consolation
Intermediaire II
SWB Championship 7-y-o, round I
Breeders Trophy 6-y-o, FINAL
SWB Elite Foal Auction, Dressage Foals – read the complete list of foals here

Saturday October 1
SWB Riders Cup, round I
SWB Championship 7-y-o, Consolation
Breeders Trophy 5-y-o, FINAL
Grand Prix Kür
Breeders Trophy 4-y-o, final round with testrider 

Sunday October 2
Lövsta Future Challenge Young Horses
Lövsta Future Challenge U25
SWB Championship 7-y-o, FINAL
Riders Cup FINAL

Jumping Week:

Wednesday October 5
SWB Propects 6-y-o, Warm-up – Presented by KRAFFT
SWB Propects 4-y-o, Warm-up – Presented by KRAFFT
Breeders Trophy 6-y-o, round I
Breeders Trophy 4-y-o, round I
Breeders Trophy 5-y-o, round I

Thursday October 6
SWB Propects 5-y-o, Warm-up – Presented by KRAFFT
Agria 7-y-o Championship, round I
Breeders Trophy 5-y-o, round II
Breeders Trophy 6-y-o, round II
Breeders Trophy 4-y-o, round II
SWB Propects 4-y-o, round I
SWB Propects 6-y-o, round I

Friday October 7
Breeders Trophy 4-y-o, Consolation
SWB Propects 5-y-o, round I – Presented by KRAFFT
Breeders Trophy 5-y-o, Consolation
Riders Cup Silver, Warm-up
Riders Cup Gold, round I 
Agria 7-y-o Championship, round II
SWB Elite Foal Auction, Showjumping Foals – read the complete list of foals here

Saturday October 8
SWB Riders Cup Silver, round I – Presented by HÖÖKS
SWB Propects 4-y-o, round II
SWB Propects 6-y-o, round II
Breeders Trophy 6-y-o, consolation
Breeders Trophy 6-y-o, FINAL
Breeders Trophy 4-y-o, FINAL
Breeders Trophy 5-y-o, FINAL with testrider 
Riders Cup Gold, round II

Sunday October 9
SWB Championship 3-y-o
Agria Championship 7-y-o, consolation
Agria Championship 7-y-o, FINAL
SWB Riders Cup Consolation
SWB Riders Cup Silver FINAL
Breeders Trophy 5-y-o, round III
SWB Propects 5-y-o, round II

The schedule is preliminary and may be subject to change.


If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us!

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Skylander VS (SWB) – Stephanie Holmén, winner of the 7 year old Championat jumping.
By Stolzenberg, out of Caramba PJ – Cassini II, Breeders & Owner: Viksbergs Säteri AB. Photo: Filip Jenå